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A husky and a corgi fight to be the first to rescue 5 humans from their burning building, in order to be declared a GOOD BOY. But be careful, humans left in a room will fire will end up cooked and won't earn you any points!

Navigate around a building which is continually adding new rooms to the top, Tetris-style, and occasionally setting itself on fire. The building will get more difficult to navigate, and the fire will spread unless you use your hose to put it out!

Requires two players and can be played either sharing a keyboard, or with two xbox 360 controllers.

Created by the following lovely people in about 15 hours for a @GDSedi game jam, November 2017 (Theme: Oh no, it's all on fire!):

Amicable Animal

Marta Vives


Francisco Mendonca

Adrianna Kaminska

Install instructions

Controls are listed in the game. The game can be played with two people sharing a keyboard, but works best with players using Xbox 360 controllers (Left Stick, (A) and (X) buttons).

As this was done in less that 15 hours, please excuse the wonky physics, and the strangely named controls!


AmazingFiredogs.zip 21 MB

Development log