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is this safe?

this looks cool

Awesome Game and design.Good job.

Thanks so much, really happy that you enjoyed it!

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Thank you for this pearl at play sky.
I love this game and it entices me to build my own Classic Arcade Machine.

I miss the opportunity to drop the stones faster.
(Press spaces when the stone is at the desired position.)

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad HJEM inspired you. I'd love to put it on an Arcade machine, too!

As for a 'hard drop', I think if/when we make a bigger version of HJEM, we would definitely put that feature in!

There you can find plans for cabinet. Have fun.

This game is interesting. It reminds me of tetris but in reverse where instead of breaking block, you have to surround yourself with block. The gameplay seems awesome but the one thing that let the game down was that there was no tutorial to the game. I honestly don't like tutorials in games but for a game like this, you really do need one to explain the mechanic of the game because I kept getting destoryed over and over again and I didn't know why. I figured it out in the end but add a tutorial to this game. Other than that, its an awesome game to play. I go into more detail in my video. 

Thank you for the feedback, and for making a very entertaining video about the game! HJEM was made in 48 hours for #GGJ19 as an experiment. In the future we hope to experiment more and perhaps make a bigger version. Glad you enjoyed it, and hope that you get to hear/play the next level sometime soon!

thAnks foR All the kind feedbAck And coMMents!

Involves hexagons and is super! What's not to like?

nice game

thAnk you, glAd you liked it!


Super addictive concept, great music and psychedelic visuals!


A wee GGJ gem, good balance between fun, rewarding and frustrating, with a nice style and good music.


A very addictive game - I did replay the levels various times as I quite enjoy the visuals, gameplay and amazing soundtrack. Recommended 👍


The visuals really are intense. I think I saw them in a dream :O


The soundtrack on HJEM is amazing! Love those beats